Warning: The executable Windows build of this game is relatively untested, the school project requirements for this where mainly WebGL so sadly the Windows build was an after thought, the WebGL build is recommended to avoid crashes.

Hel's Hatred was a student project created by: Brent Op de Beeck, Mathias de Potter, Elliott van Neste, Sidney Olluyn and Arno De Keukelaere in Q1 and Q2 of 2017 for Digital Arts & Entertainment. The projects are removed from the school server each semester, so we're uploading our game here to keep it playable/downloadable.

If you want to know more about the development of the game, check out our devlog over on wordpress: https://daeteam7.wordpress.com
All external downloadable files and prototypes on the devlog and scoreboard in the game won't function due to the server being cleaned or our server access being revoked.

Level 2 and 3 are a lie.


Windows Build 58 MB


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This game is great and you have done the menu so well not to mention for controllers and controller support wise very nice job! also forget about the Windows or any other build, the WebGL version works great, I'll put this on Gamer World which is a gaming application that's focused on Gamers  and helps support web developers with a better platform to develop and share their games on also with the uncapped performance unlike on browsers you will get the best performance around and best of all its open source and multiplatform making your game work out of the box for everyone! if you need a link for the Windows or Linux version (mac is not yet ready) just let me know :D

Need to fix this minor issue tho, :(

"Out of memory. If you are the developer of this content, try allocating more memory to your WebGL build in the WebGL player settings"